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Coffee isn't just a drink, it's a global passion. But for those who grow this cherished crop, the stakes are high. Rising temperatures, unpredictable rainfall, and shifting weather patterns all pose potential threats to the lifeblood of your business. That's where Espresso comes in. Espresso is a ground-breaking coffee crop climate risk assessment tool, crafted specifically to help coffee growers navigate the uncertainties of the climate.

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Just select a location on our interactive map, and Espresso will deliver precise weather metrics for that region, from cumulative precipitation to solar radiance. Our mission is to equip you with the data you need to mitigate potential weather risks, plan with confidence, and safeguard your harvest against financial losses.

Key Features

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Elevate your coffee production with Espresso's advanced Geofencing feature. Draw custom regions or shapes on our world map and unlock in-depth climate data analytics for your specific area of interest. Understand potential impacts and trends that the local climate may have on your farms or crops. Start making proactive, informed decisions to optimize your yield and quality.

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Custom Alerts

Stay ahead of the weather with Espresso's Alerts. Set up personalized notifications based on your criteria - from time frames to specific thresholds like temperature dips. The moment your preset conditions are met, we'll promptly notify you. This allows for swift action, preserving your crop quality and ensuring continuity of operations. With Espresso, your coffee production process is never caught off-guard.

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Introducing Espresso's Metrics - your gateway to comprehensive climate metrics vital for coffee production. Get real-time access to key data points like solar radiance, temperature, and precipitation, all beautifully visualized in easy-to-understand charts. Harness the power of climate intelligence and take your coffee production to new heights. With Metrics, navigating the complexities of coffee farming has never been simpler.

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Join the growing community of coffee producers who are brewing success with Espresso. Get started today and secure your harvest against the uncertainties of tomorrow.