Introducing dClimate

The First Decentralized Network for Climate Data


About dClimate

A transparent, decentralized marketplace where climate data, forecasts, and models are standardized, monetized, and distributed.

An immutable record for climate data releases to avoid disputes and errors

Open marketplace where all data and forecasts have impartial "skill scores" that makes it easy for consumers to shop for climate data

Creates a distribution mechanism for data publishers and forecasting entities to monetize their work


dClimate's Mandate

End stagnation in the climate data industry and bring increased access, lower costs, better security, better
accuracy, and both wider and deeper data coverage — to the benefit of all participants.


The Ecosystem

dClimate's base layer is built on Ethereum, and the network leverages Chainlink's leading decentralized oracle network to facilitate on-chain validation and support for dClimate's governance layer. dClimate starts with a foundation of over 1,000 terabytes of cleaned, standardized climate data and a strong anchor client in Arbol, a leading parametric weather risk platform.


Decentralized Data Validation

dClimate creates an open marketplace where all data and forecasts have impartial “skill scores’’ to make it easier for consumers to shop for climate data. The dClimate marketplace leverages Chainlink’s widely adopted oracle network for retrieving climate data and validating associated skill scores on-chain. 


Founding Team

The dClimate founders are also the founders of Arbol Inc., which will serve as an anchor client for the network. They have decades of combined experience in senior leadership roles across several industries, including finance, commodities, technology, AI, and data science.

Sid Headshot_edited.jpg

Sid Jha

Founding Partner 

Founder of Arbol Inc. and currently serves as Chairman and CEO. Prior to Arbol, he had over 13 years of experience in the financial industry covering the interest rates and commodities in both quantitative research and trading roles.


Ben Andre 

Founding Partner 

Co-founder of Arbol Inc. and currently serves as the organization’s CTO. Ben is fascinated by organization building and technology projects. He graduated from McGill University with a BA in Music and Computer Science.


Philippe Heilberg

Founding Partner

Co-founder of Arbol Inc. and currently serves as its President, COO & CFO. After graduating summa cum laude from the Wharton School with a BS and MBA, he went to work at top tier financial institutions like Salomon Brothers and AIG.


Osho Jha

Founding Partner 

Co-founder of Arbol Inc and currently serves as its Chief Data Scientist. At Arbol, he oversees the development of data-driven parametric products. Osho graduated early from Carnegie Mellon University where he studied mathematics.

Recent Media

Michael Kapilkov 


Farmers could soon be hedging their risks with decentralized weather data. They’re [Arbol] tackling a problem that affects billions of people.


Mathew Di Salvo 

dClimate works to provide businesses and entities with climate data. It provides a data marketplace for anyone from farmers to governments who need information about the climate so they can build projects or plan for future disasters. It relies on blockchain to cut out the middlemen and connect buyers and sellers of such data directly.


Cheyenne Ligon

“There is no reason why there can’t be an AMM [automated market maker] that offers various types of insurance. That is what gets me excited about dClimate,” Cuban said in an email to CoinDesk. “What they are doing is just the beginning.”


Read the dClimate Whitepaper

Read the dClimate Whitepaper to learn more about the network, the problem dClimate is working to solve, and the tokenomics of WTHR, the network's governance token.


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