dClimate and TCS Partner to Leverage Aegis Climate Risk Assessment Platform
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Climate Insight, Financial Foresight

Climate change is not a far-off problem, it's a present-day reality. As the environment around us shifts, so does the potential risk to our homes, communities, and businesses. Understanding these risks is vital, yet often complex. That's where we come in. Introducing Aegis, a revolutionary physical climate risk assessment tool designed to demystify and quantify the potential impacts of climate change on your doorstep.

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Simply enter your location of interest, select from a range of climate perils, and let our powerful algorithm do the rest. Whether it's a tropical cyclone, thunderstorm wind, or hail, our app will show you the history of events at your location, the projected frequency and magnitude of events going forwards, and calculate the financial risk to your physical assets - helping you make more informed decisions for the future.

Comprehensive Peril Coverage

Aegis provides a single, comprehensive solution for assessing 14 different climate perils at up to 90m resolution, globally.

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Quantitative Risk Solutions

Aegis quantitatively demonstrates how hazard risk and financial risk evolve over time. Quantitative outputs (from exceedance probabilities to projected frequency, to financial loss estimates) can be seamlessly integrated into insurance strategies, regulatory disclosures, and effective risk mitigation and adaptation plans.

Easy to Understand, Auditable Data You Can Trust

Leverage dClimate's extensive, auditable, historical data, global climate models, and in house expertise to perform hyper-local hazard modeling and vulnerability modeling. Our app takes complex climate data and simplifies it into easy-to-understand terms. You don't need to be a scientist to understand your risk.

Portfolio-Level Analysis

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Aegis identifies which locations in your portfolio, supply chain, distribution footprint, etc. are at highest risk and require attention. Quickly evaluate your portfolio's exposure to a single climate event or combination of climate events under different climate scenarios and time periods.

Asset-Level Analysis

Porfolio view displaying locations from assessment in a list view and pinpointed on a map

See which perils your asset is most vulnerable to with our Average Annual Loss (AAL) estimates, then dive into the underlying drivers of climate risk by analyzing historical and projected frequency of events, as well as the probability of severe events at your location.

Porfolio view displaying locations from assessment in a list view and pinpointed on a map

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Understanding the potential climate risks for your assets is essential for effective planning and decision making. By taking appropriate risk management measures, you can mitigate the impacts of these climate perils.